Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Arepa e' Huevo (Egg Filled Fried Arepa)

These fried arepas are from the Caribbean coast of Colombia and they make a delicious breakfast or mid morning snack. They are sold in street food cars all over the region, and there's even, a annual Arepa e' Huevo festival hosted in a town that brags about having the best recipe in all the country.

Ingredients for 6 arepas

3 cups precooked yellow cornmeal
6 whole eggs
3 cups warm water
1 teaspoon salt
a pinch of baking powder
salt and pepper.

Oil to fry

Mix the cornmeal, salt and baking powder in a bowl. Add the water and mix well until you have a soft dough. Using your hands work the dough for 2 minutes and set aside to rest for 10 minutes.

Divide the arepa dough in 6 portions and leave a small piece of dough to seal the arepas later.

Make a ball with each portion and flatten with your hands forming a 1/6 inch thick arepa.

In a medium heavy pot heat the oil to medium heat 325 F.
Place one arepa at a time in the hot oil and fry for 2 minutes on each side, they need to puff creating an inside pocket. Remove from the oil and drain over paper towel with the puffed side up. Repeat with each arepa.

Once they are cool to handle, using a rounded point knife, cut a small opening in the edge and go all the way to make room for the egg, but be careful  not to break the arepa.

Crack an egg in measuring cup, sprinkle salt and pepper. Holding the open arepa with one had, pour the egg inside and with a piece of the remaining uncooked dough seal the crack pressing firmly.

Fry the arepa again for about 3 minutes on each side if you want to have a hard yolk or less if you want it runny. Repeat the process with each arepa.

Drain over paper towel and serve steaming hot.

You can be creative and add your own touch to the filling egg for example bacon bits, minced onion, sofrito, etc.